The Spiritual Significance of the Sailboat

It’s smooth sailing all the way with God of the Angel Armies.” – Psalm 84:12 (MSG)

Rick Warren, author of the best-selling book – The Purpose Driven Life – claims that in order for any individual or organization to achieve success they need a picture, or symbol, that captures the essence of their mission. If I were asked to choose one symbol that communicated the mission of my life – and of every Christian’s life, really – I would choose the sailboat. Hands down, no questions asked.

I’ve always loved sailboats, and they decorate my desks and walls at home. They have always made me think of daring journeys and new destinations. But here are three truths the sailboat gives us that have the power to fill our lives with spiritual significance:

1). Sailboats are fragile.

We’re not exactly talking about the Titanic, here! Sailboats are easily tossed about by the slightest windstorm, and yet – in the right hands – they can maneuver incredible voyages. Is this not a perfect picture of you and me – fragile, broken people just dripping with potential?

2). Sailboats are about timing.

If the wind isn’t blowing, then the captain of a sailboat simply has to roll up his sails and wait for better conditions. We often grow impatient with God, but waiting on His timing is always worth it. He may very well just be waiting for the right conditions to move you forward!

3). Sailboats are guided by the wind.

Sailboats don’t do very well when sailing against the wind, and neither do we. Follow God’s whispers in your life and you’ll find smooth sailing. But resist God’s direction and you’ll find yourself at a standstill or – even worse – capsized!

For these reasons, the sailboat is my “life symbol.”

What image or symbol speaks to your heart?


17 thoughts on “The Spiritual Significance of the Sailboat

      1. John,
        I always loved verse in Isaiah 40:31
        “…But those who hope in the Lord
        will renew their strength.
        They will soar on wings like eagles;
        they will run and not grow weary,
        they will walk and not be faint.”
        I went through many things in my life with a picture of an eagle in my mind, but never thought that it can be my life symbol!
        Thank you for reminding us about importance of having an image as a symbol of our mission.

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  1. Wonderful question. The image that speaks to me as the purpose of my life is the oak tree out my window, though I never thought of it until you asked the question. The tree companions me through the seasons of the year and of my life. It is a home sheltering birds and squirrels like the dreams of a mother for her children. It is like death and resurrection as it loses leaves for it’s winter sleep and reawakens in the spring with leaf buds of hope. I feel really connected this tree at a spiritual level I cannot put into words.

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  2. I love sailing ships as well, and in fact, I have a great many paintings of them in my home. Something about the sea that captures the journey that we are taking through this world! Wonderful post! So glad for summer break and for the opportunity to read more from you! Hope your summer brings you much needed rest and refreshment! God bless you greatly!!

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