A Theology of Work

Celebrating Work Happy Labor Day, everyone! This is a day set apart to reflect on the work of our hands, to rest from our daily toil and labor, and to celebrate the way God has blessed our work. Of course, work is typically something we dread, not something we celebrate! But if we look to […]

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Introducing My Companion Blog!

    Now that The Artistic Christian has been around for a complete year, I’ve realized two things.  First, I love discussing the arts from a Christian perspective and simply must continue.  And two, I really need to start a Devotional Blog! For those of you who have been faithful readers, you know that I’m […]

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The Light of His Promises

  I found the following passage to be especially profound last week, and wanted to start this new week by sharing it with all of you. I’ve learned that when God continually brings a Scripture passage to your attention, it’s usually because He’s trying to tell you something important and He wants you to pay […]

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