Welcome to the Artistic Christian!


Welcome to The Artistic Christian, a blog dedicated to the discussion of music, art, and culture from a distinctly Christian worldview.  From recent bestselling novels and blockbuster films to artistry in worship and natural creation, find an ongoing discussion here.

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring this site, and that you’ll join the discussion as well!  I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on some of the latest trends in art and culture – so feel free to leave a comment and share your own insight!

Finally, don’t forget to check our Contests & Giveaways page for the most recent contests and freebies offered here at The Artistic Christian.

Creating and experiencing art for His glory (I Cor. 10:31),

John Mark Miller


19 thoughts on “Welcome to the Artistic Christian!

  1. Hi John! Great site and vehicle for like minded artistic Christians to be encouraged and grow in their calling to glorify the Lord with the gifts He’s given them. I’m looking forward to connecting as I pursue my ministry at The Writer’s Reverie. Joy!
    Kathryn Ross


  2. Hi John..loved going through your blog..thank you very much for stopping by and liking my story..looking forward to our inyeractions.Cheers, Nishi.


  3. What a fresh perspective. Displaying and sharing Christian artist sounds exciting. I look forward to exploring your blog John. Thank you for stopping by mine. May God speed your journey my brother.

    Much love Tom

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  4. Hi, I don’t know how to contact you otherwise, but my son (9) has written a poem and I want to ask if you know of any site / magazine he can send it for publication.

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    1. You should look up Devozine, a devotional magazine where all the articles are written by kids and for kids. If his poem matches the topic they’re looking for in a given month they’ll publish it! Visit devozine.com and look at the writing guidelines.


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