Motivating Monday – The Permanent Impact of Faith

We are all called to take leaps of faith at times…
– Faith to write that book, trusting there will be an audience
– Faith to follow God’s calling, though it requires a pay cut
– Faith to put our children in private school or college, though the tuition is significant

Whatever your “faith leap” might look like, you might find yourself wondering, “Is this worth it?”

Hebrews 11:4 provides the answer. It speaks of the faith of Abel, and tells us that though Abel is dead, his faith still speaks.

Stand strong in faith today, and know that whatever the result may be, your faith is impacting others now and will continue to impact others powerfully for generations to come!

The impact of your faith is permanent! Like the sun, it will warm the hearts and fire the passions of those who follow us long after we’re gone. Yes, Child of God, your “faith leap” is well worth it!


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