Writer’s Wednesday – Listening to Your Inner Child

You find yourself staring at a blank sheet of paper or an empty screen with a cursor that won’t stop its annoying habit of winking at you in your state of misery.  You think, What on earth am I going to say today?

We’ve all been there!  Writer’s block is very real…so how can we overcome it and fight through the slump?

I’ve found it helpful to get back in touch with my own Inner Child.  Think about it – our childhood was a time of grand dreams and wild imagination.  If anyone can spark your creativity, your Inner Child can – and they’re always right there with you!

So how do we listen to this important voice inside our heads? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Spend time playing with children.  Watching their wonder and imaginative creations will inspire your thinking.
  2. Try an adult coloring book.  I couldn’t look the cashier in the eye as I purchased my first adult coloring book, but I love it!  Engaging in this familiar action relieves stress and floods me with childhood memories, dreams, and ideas.
  3. Revisit music, movies, and books from your childhood days.  This trip down memory lane will have your creative juices flowing in no time.

How About You?

What do you do to spark your creativity and overcome that intimidating blank page?  I’d love to hear your tips!

Check back for more Writer’s Wednesday articles here at The Artistic Christian!


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