Book Review: “A.D. 30”


“The moment I looked into the brown eyes of this man, I knew that Yeshua of Nazareth could surely see into my soul and know my every thought.” – A.D. 30

“With Yeshua, God seems to be intimate, as though breath itself.” – A.D. 30

During my teen years, I devoured the book entitled The Robe. How fascinating it was to journey through time and experience Jesus of Nazareth the way the multitudes who lived during His lifetime must have! And now, contemporary author Ted Dekker offers us The Robe for a new generation.

Would you like to experience Nazareth the way it likely was during Jesus’ time on this earth? Would you like to hear what people must have honestly thought of Him at first? If you find yourself intrigued, then this novel is a must-read for you.

A.D. 30 offers readers the swashbuckling adventure Dekker fans have come to expect, combined with a description of Jesus’ day that is incredibly vivid. And when you, along with the major characters, encounter Yeshua for the first time, He will take your breath away.

Scripture is woven seamlessly into the story, giving an accurate portrayal of Jesus while also using fiction to draw several interesting implications. If you enjoy Christian fiction and stories of the life of Christ, this novel will not disappoint.

I’ve enjoyed Dekker’s other books immensely, but this work has taken him to an entirely new level. Go ahead…plunge into this story and try not to lose yourself in it’s magic. See what happens.

Read it already? What did you think?

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