Book Review: “A.D. 30”

“The moment I looked into the brown eyes of this man, I knew that Yeshua of Nazareth could surely see into my soul and know my every thought.” – A.D. 30 “With Yeshua, God seems to be intimate, as though breath itself.” – A.D. 30 During my teen years, I devoured the book entitled The […]

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Friday Fictioneers – “Zao”

We found the man crumpled in the sand. After days of stumbling across the desert, his eyes were dim from sun blindness, his skin parched and peeling. “Let me help you,” I said, offering my flask. “Let me tell you about Jesus. Drink His water and you’ll never thirst again…” The man flung the precious […]

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“The Force Is Strong With This One” – The Importance of a Villain’s Recognition

    Luke Skywalker’s tiny X-wing class fighter skitters across the view screen, and despite his dark powers the sinister Darth Vader finds himself unable to get a clear shot. In one of the greatest movie moments of all time, Vader – the Dark Lord of the Sith who has the entire galaxy trembling at […]

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