Christmas Memories Giveaway!

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As we waltz into the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I think it’s time to celebrate – blogger style!  As we gather with family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m sure we’ll relive old memories while making brand new ones that will last us a lifetime.

What Is Your Favorite Christmas Memory?

Share your most memorable Christmas moments with us for a chance to win!  The First 20 to respond will be automatically included in a Christmas Memories E-Newsletter to increase blog traffic to their site, and the 1st Place Winner will receive a free copy of the 50th Anniversary Edition of A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote!

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Memories Giveaway!

  1. Great idea!

    My most memorable Christmas was when I was 9 or 10. It involved me getting up Christmas one morning while it was very dark and everyone else was sound asleep. I was astonished by the amount of neatly wrapped gifts calling to me from under the tree. I knew Santa must have thought a whole lot of me. I needed to know how many of these gifts were mine – I would’ve bet most of them were. So, I gathered every present and stacked them according to whom they were addressed. My siblings were quite younger than me. They didn’t really know about gifts yet but I did and my stack was twice the size! Ha, I was loving this! Indeed, I had been a good girl that year! As soon as I was done stacking, I ran in and woke my parents – bragging how Santa gave me more presents than my siblings!

    Oh, the shame! Boy, oh boy – I am a both tickled and embarrassed by this memory. A spoiled and selfish child was I but I am glad to have grown out of that – for the most part LOL. I am glad to ‘know better’ now!

    God bless,


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  2. One of my most memorable Christmas’ had to be the year my dad was laid off from his job. I was still in high school and this was the first time our family had to face any real financial hardships. My sister, brothers, and I were all told that this Christmas would be sparse so we shouldn’t expect much.

    Christmas morning came and all of us gathered around the tree to open presents. They revealed thoughtful gifts that were perfectly picked for each of us. My dad always liked to save the big surprises for last. He asked me to go out to his workshop and get something for my mom. When I entered his shop, there sat a rear slider window for my truck with a big bow on it! This was the only thing I really wanted. What made it special was that it wasn’t brand new, it was a chunk yard pick. My dad had went out of his way to get it and, to me, it was better than any store bought item could ever be!

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    1. This is an awesome Christmas memory, and I’m so glad you let the rest of us in on it! Thoughtful gifts like this really do mean infinitely more than expensive ones that don’t require any sort of thought… I can see why this Christmas stuck with you!


  3. My favorite Christmas memory was when everyone on my mom’s side of the family agreed to draw names and only get a gift for that person. We decided that would make it much more personal and give us extra money to do something good for someone else.

    I drew my grandpa. So, since it seemed like he had everything, I wrote him a letter, explaining what I appreciated him for and why I loved him. 🙂 And yes, for once I was able to do something nice because I wasn’t trying to use my twelve year old savings for Christmas gifts for fourteen people. It was the best Christmas I’ve ever had.


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