L – Are You a “Lost” Blogger?

    Every writer takes off with a glorious destination in mind, and at some point every writer will crash and burn. Whether you’re still flying high and dreaming of book signings and making the New York Times Bestseller List, or whether you’ve survived a crash or two, gazing at the “dream wreckage” and considering […]


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My 7 Most Inspiring Moments

    “True inspiration overrides all fears.” Bernie Siegel   I was so honored to be nominated by Pearl Girl at INFJ Ramblings for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! This award is given to blogs who have inspired at least one reader out there, and this encouragement came at a perfect time. As I reflected […]

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“The Dress” and Writing Trends

Boy, I hate that dress. Not too long ago this statement wouldn’t even have made sense, but now visiting Twitter and looking up “#thedress” leads you to millions of blog posts, photos, and comments about this recent social media trend.  Even Hollywood actors and well-known musicians have started jumping onto this bandwagon.  Now it seems […]

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