Seasonal Craft – “Light of the World” Lanterns



My daughter loves getting into the holidays, and started dreaming up her Halloween costume back in January! I’m also the type of person who enjoys holiday traditions and getting into the spirit of the season, so I really do understand this. Halloween is such a dark holiday, however, that my wife and I have had to look for creative ways to keep Christ the center of our home while allowing our daughter to have the holiday experience her little heart is craving.

A few weekends ago I found myself at home with the kids while Janelle ran a few errands, and Little Miss began begging to make a spooky craft. I didn’t necessarily want our home covered in paper skeletons and coffins, though, so I had to think fast! Fortunately, I was a teacher for a number of years and have learned the art of keeping kids occupied with a project that you’re making up as you go along!

We ended up with a “Light of the World” Lantern. Here’s how to do it:


Craft Instructions for “Light of the World” Lanterns

What You’ll Need:

  • Brown Paper Lunch Sack for each child
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Construction Paper (at least one sheet)
  • Tape or Glue
  • Battery-operated candle
  • Bible


  1. First, tell the kids that this is not a puppet, so the brown lunch sack needs to be right side up (their character’s face needs to be near the opening of the paper sack).
  1. Tell the kids that they’re going to give their Paper Person a costume that’s not scary, like a super hero or a ballerina. Give them a while to draw and color the face and costume.
  1. Let an adult assist in using the scissors to cut out the Paper Person’s eyes, mouth, etc. (wherever the child wants the light to shine through).
  1. Cut out strips of construction paper and fold it accordion-style (as if you’re going to make a paper fan). Then put paper hands on the end of each strip and tape or glue them to the sides of the bag. These will be the Paper Person’s silly looking arms.
  1. Take the Bible and read John 8:12, “I am the Light of the World.” Talk about the way Jesus can bring light into our dark hearts, and that when He does this His light shines through us and makes other people want to love Jesus, too.
  1. Have each child copy the words to this verse on a small piece of paper, and toss it inside the paper bag. Talk about the way we can be a light to others when we hide God’s Word in our hearts, and tell the children that you’re going to work on memorizing this verse.
  1. Finally, switch the battery-operated candle on and place it inside each bag. Turn off the lights, and enjoy your “Light of the World” lanterns as they share the light of Jesus with a dark world!


We had so much fun doing this, and it was a great way to keep our focus on positive truth instead of some of the scary and spooky things out there.

Here’s the way one of our lanterns turned out:

Batman Lantern



If you’re a teacher or a parent reading this, then my prayer for you is that you’ll have a safe and blessed October 31, filled with lots of candy and fun. And may Christ continue to be the center of all that we do!




11 thoughts on “Seasonal Craft – “Light of the World” Lanterns

  1. What a nifty idea! Thanks for sharing this; I especially love the Batman costume 🙂

    My oldest -who is eleven- actually brought up this topic discussion yesterday over dinner, “But why can’t I dress up!?” We proceeded to delve into the origins of Halloween, and when my oldest came to uncover the truth behind the “dressing up” tradition, his mind and heart were immediately able to connect with everything that the Bible encourages.

    So, what you are doing is wonderful and crucial! All these fun projects and Bible verses that you are pouring into together, will eventually make a connection as your little miss grows up to face the influences of her generation 🙂

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  2. A great idea here! We were just talking to our children this morning about God’s Word being a light … I agree that this holiday, while festive and fun for kids, carries much darkness.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How fun! I love hearing ideas of how to keep Christ at the center as we celebrate holidays. Especially as the world relentlessly attempts to distract us from Him.


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