Flash Friday – “Warning”

For today’s Flash! Friday competition, we were allowed 140-160 words and the toxic photo below. 

Consider this my nod to Reformation Day!



Photo Credit:   Caution: Radiation Controlled Area. Creative Commons 2.0 photo by Oleg.


The Peacekeepers arrived en masse, surrounding the dilapidated warehouse with an overwhelming show of force. Sixty stun rifles for a handful of rebels seemed a bit excessive, but this was how the Conformist Party had stamped all opponents from existence. Efficient. Ruthless.

They snickered at the obsolete Caution Sign posted on the ancient door. Radiation bombing had reduced Earth to a wasteland – devoid of all plant life, and all dissenters. No one came to Earth without protective gear anymore.

They smashed the door and flooded inside, rifles ready. But instead of angry rebels, they found a single man dressed in the frock of a medieval monk. He sat copying a sacred text by hand, since all electronics were monitored.

“Conform or die!” a Peacekeeper shouted.

The man sighed, placing his hand on the holy book before him. “When will you people learn to heed written warnings?”

Seconds later, the galaxies watched as the warehouse was reduced to a mushroom cloud.




7 thoughts on “Flash Friday – “Warning”

  1. I always enjoy your Friday Flash stories. Flash Fiction is an art in itself and a form few can pull off with success. There are a lot of flash fiction markets out there – some paying, but most, unfortunately, non-paying. You should venture out beyond your Flash Friday entries. The way you can whip these babies out, you’d be sure to score some publications. I am going to send you the link for a market (non paying) that accepts only 25 word stories! The title must be the name of a nail polish shade (!!!) and is not included in the 25 word count. It may sound like a girly site, but some of the entries are from men. There are thousands of nail polish shades out there, and it’s fun to pick one and write a 25 word story about it, or write the story first and then look for an appropriate nail polish color for the title. I’ll have to look up the name of the site, and then I’ll post it in another comment.

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    1. Thanks Joy… you have such a gift for encouraging other writers to get out there and do more! I really do need to make time to try some of these other markets…I bet I could find a nail polish out there with a manly name if I tried – ha!

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