Motivating Monday – In Good Company

                Cafe Terrace at Night

             Vincent Van Gogh – 1888

Artists often dream of “making it” in their chosen field and becoming a household name.  But what does this look like in real life?  Let’s take a glance at a few artists who “hit it big”:

1.) Vincent Van Gogh – His paintings are some of the most sought after in all of Modern Art, but did you know that he only sold one painting during his lifetime?

2.) Johann Sebastian Bach – He is hailed by musicians as an absolute genius.  His works are performed in churches and at weddings daily. But did you know that no one understood or appreciated his music until several years after his death?

3.) John Grisham – Who hasn’t read one of this author’s legal thrillers?  So many of his books have been turned into movies that I’ve lost count.  But did you know that he self-published his first book and had to beg people to buy it?

What is my point?  Here it is:

You’re Doing Great!

Do you feel less than successful, or even like a complete failure?  You’re in good company!  

Keep working at what you love, and pour your heart and soul into it.  Your “big break” may not feel as glamorous as you always thought it would, but hard work always produces positive results!

Happy Monday, Everyone!


4 thoughts on “Motivating Monday – In Good Company

  1. I’ve gained renewed faith from these words. Since I don’t have much more time on this mortal coil, I can look forward to success when I die – in more ways than one.

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