Calling All Christians: The Warning of “God’s Not Dead 2”

“I’d rather stand with God and be judged by the world, than stand with the world and be judged by God.” – Grace Wesley, God’s Not Dead 2

My family had to drive two hours and across the state line to find a theater that was playing God’s Not Dead 2.  We made the drive, and the film was worth every mile.

Released by Pure Flix, this film offers a powerful wake up call to Christians.  Unlike our forefathers who fought and bled for our religious freedoms, we have stood by and said nothing while our most basic human right – the right to believe as we choose – has begun to be ripped from our grasp. 

The film shares the story of Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart), a public school teacher who finds herself sued by the Supreme Court for simply answering a question about Jesus in history class.  Every moment of the film is completely believable because this truly is what our society has come to.  The people of the world are shouting until they’re blue in the face, demanding equality for those who question their gender, while at the very same time demanding for Christians to be silenced and stripped of their rights.   Where are the social media trends crying out for Christian rights?  Where are the schools, government leaders, and superstores willing to stand up and take a stand for Christians who face persecution?

God’s Not Dead 2 was a truly excellent film.  The actors breathed life into every line, the plot gave a frighteningly accurate snapshot of today’s world, and the message to Christians across the globe was painfully clear: fight for your right to believe, or lose it forever.

Am I being dramatic?  I don’t think so.  Pastors in Houston, Texas were asked to submit copies of all their sermons for the government to review.  This is not just in the movies, folks, this is real life.  And if the government can censure what is preached from the pulpit, what else will they do to silence our collective Christian voice?

First Lady Michelle Obama recently addressed the graduating class of Jackson State University in Mississippi.  She said, “If we fail to exercise our fundamental right to vote, then I guarantee that so much of the progress we’ve fought for will be under threat.”  Though she was applying this to gay rights, her words hold true to followers of Christ.  If we don’t become involved in politics, if we refuse to vote or cry out for our rights, then we will lose everything.

Don’t be intimidated by fear, children of light!  Stand up, speak up, and resolve to stand with God, even if it means being judged by an angry world.


12 thoughts on “Calling All Christians: The Warning of “God’s Not Dead 2”

  1. I’m definitely of the opinion that God is not dead. However, you and I differ in that I think God also has better taste in movies than this. Outside of the courtroom scenes, I found it unintentionally funny, unsubtle and very disjointed as opposed to inspiring. Still, preaching to the choir sometimes makes money, and it’s not as if they made the movie to donate the profits to charity. The acting’s also improved over the generally atrocious previous “God’s Not Dead”.


    1. Well, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the movie as much as we did! My wife and I are both classroom teachers, and we both found the film very inspiring. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, I suppose!

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  2. I agree John, I have not yet seen God’s Not Dead 2, but I have seen the first one and I know of people that came to Christ after they saw it. We truly need to support Christian films, especially in times such as this when we may very well lose our right to produce them.

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    1. Absolutely! My high school students thought I was crazy for driving so far when I could just wait for it to come out on DVD, but I really wanted to support the film by seeing it in the theater. We need more movies like this!

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  3. I do believe we as Christians need to stand up for our rights and our beliefs. In a very short time the the attack has come out of left field and overtaken us. Though on many fronts it began back with the Scopes Monkey trial, women’s lib, I’m okay, you’re okay, etc. But what they can’t fathom, what will ultimately drive them insane is the fact that there is no way to stop us from believing and no way to cut us off from the God we serve.
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

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  4. We are truly living in the times of Noah. Who would have ever thought that the greatest country, founded on Christian values, would begin to turn against Christians and blame them for everything wrong? Things have found their way into the laws that would have never been conceivable nearly 8 years ago. immorality is being pushed as the norm and being forced on the American people as the new norm. Scary!

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  5. Thanks for the post and challenge. I agree about our forefathers standing for our rights, but I tend to think the reality is that people will be changed by Christ, not by laws. We are still the minority, as were the disciples in Jesus’ time. Persecution spread the gospel, it didn’t squelch it. Paul became all things to all people in order to meet them where they were at and those who were open, followed Jesus. More who weren’t didn’t. It’s a tough call. I agree we should support Christian leaders, vote responsibly and pray for authority. Sometimes that may mean God leads us to take a stand specifically. Most of the time, it will mean simply reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus yet. Our family loved the first movie, and we can’t wait to see this one!

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    1. You make a great point, Laura…every time Christians have been persecuted throughout history they have flourished more than ever. Maybe we can look forward to a modern revival of Christianity! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Your family will love this second film!

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