Breaking Chains

A metallic chain with an explosed link.



“But today I am freeing you from the chains on your wrists.”

Jeremiah 40:4


Sometimes we become so familiar with declaring the name of Jesus in times of prayer and worship that we forget what power lies in this name. And every once in a while, He’ll allow us to be part of a worship experience that reminds us of just how powerful He truly is.

No, I’m not talking about a worship concert or even a church service. Instead, my wife and I found such an experience while riding in the car with a fussy three-year-old. We had gone out to eat, and Little Man decided he wanted to play on the toys instead of eating his dinner. We told him that after he ate, he’d be able to play. Instead, he chose to start throwing his food, drink, and anything else he could grab across the room. Obviously he didn’t get to play on the toys that day, which put him in a pretty sour mood on the drive home. He was tired, fussy, and loud… and the rest of us were buckling in for a looooong ride home.

Then my wife started singing a worship song called Break Every Chain. Almost immediately, the crying stopped as our son paused to listen. Before long, my wife, me, and our daughter were singing the song and worshipping together, and even threw in the sign language for this song that we learned when a local worship band performed at our church last year. And you know what? Instead of remaining upset, our son decided to join in the fun… he actually started singing with us!

It sounds like a small thing, but at the time it was a wonderful reminder that there is power in the name of Jesus, and that God does answer prayer no matter what circumstances we’re facing.

Below is a music video for a version of this song as performed by The Digital Age. I hope it blesses you this Monday morning, and no matter what you might be facing today, just remember that there is power in the name of Jesus, and He can break every one of the chains that have been holding you back.



Break Every Chain – The Digital Age




10 thoughts on “Breaking Chains

  1. I love this and I love that song! These ‘small things’ are the opportunities that we can so easily miss, and instead be consumed by frustration and anger. Way to embrace the moment!! 🙂


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