Flash Friday Fiction – “The Catacombs”

For this week’s Flash! Friday Challenge we were given the picture below and a thunderstorm warning (include a storm or else)…

Happy Friday, Everyone!


The Catacombs

The caverns wreaked of death. At first Tobias drew back, then forced himself to breathe again. Beside him, his mother wept softly.

“Don’t do this,” she pleaded. “Perhaps it’s not too late, perhaps we can talk to the Senate…”

Tobias glanced at the darkening clouds, and thought of the storm of Roman soldiers sweeping the nations. He shook his head. “No, I made my public confession, and there is no forgiveness for Christians in this Empire.”

His mother had always stood tall and proud, as the wife of a Roman centurion should. It pained him to see her broken now.

“You will die here, Tobias. Your entire life – erased. There is a reason they’ve chosen to dwell in a tomb.”

Her son smiled. “I lose fortune, to gain eternity. Not a bad trade.”

Her tears dried, and he walked on, embracing the darkness.


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