Lost and Found

Lost and Found   Soon time will end with trumpet blast And countless saints will gather ‘round Blood-washed millions will shout with joy “We once were lost, but now we’re found!”   Angelic hosts will stand in awe And marvel at the glorious sound As Heaven rings with thunderous praise, “We once were lost, but […]

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The Crying Kind…

“Oh, I’m just not the crying kind.”   Famous last words. I used to try and convince my wife that I’m not the typical “dramatic musician” who wears his emotion on his sleeve, but I’ve since given up the charade. What can I say? I’m a sentimental person, and everybody knows it. But even after coming […]

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Cherished Meal

Cherished Meal Whipped mashed potatoes Piled high on my plate Swimming in butter To help celebrate   Fresh garden okra Fried golden and crisp Piping hot manicotti Blowing warm steam in wisps   Hand-kneaded rolls Baked honey brown And vanilla cream soda To wash it all down   But the night’s grand finale For my […]

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