Pray First!

  I read in an educational article this week that statistics are booming for school students who are reporting feelings of severe anxiety.  They are complaining to their teachers of headaches, stomach aches, dizziness, or simply stare at a blank page or act out.  The root cause of this is fearfulness and anxiety, which makes […]

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Motivating Monday – Prayed Up!

It is always a great encouragement to hear that a good friend is praying for us.  According to Romans 8:34, however, believers have Jesus Christ Himself praying for them daily!   That’s right, Christian!  You are daily on His mind, and the Creator of the universe is in your corner interceding for you!   Take […]

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Waiting on God… and Waiting…

“I want you to play a game with me,” my daughter announced yesterday. “Well, it’s almost dinner time,” I answered. “Maybe we can play a game after dinner.” “I want you to play a game with me now,” she whined in that terrible, grating voice that all parents come to know oh-so-well. “You’re gonna have […]

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