The Art of Remembering

“Looks like it’s just you and me, Gma,” I found myself saying as I settled into the dark sedan.  My grandmother couldn’t answer, of course, because she was lying peacefully in a coffin at the back of the car.  I was given the honor of preaching at my own grandmother’s funeral about two weeks ago, […]

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B: Battle Restoration – Review of Edsel’s “Monuments Men” – Part II

  Blitzkrieg – the word sent paralyzing fear throughout the nations as Hitler’s forces marched across the globe, ravaging and plundering each territory as they went. As the Allied forces began to gain the advantage, the German forces became even more aggressive, doing as much damage as they could before being forced out of the […]

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A: Art Worth Dying For – Review of Edsel’s “Monuments Men” – Part I

Adolf Hitler is widely known for his relentless pursuit of a worldwide German Empire and the atrocious acts he committed against the Jewish race. What most people don’t know about Hitler was that he viewed himself as an artist, plotting to plunder the world’s greatest artistic treasures in order to establish the world’s greatest collection […]

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