Friday Fictioneers – “Zao”

We found the man crumpled in the sand. After days of stumbling across the desert, his eyes were dim from sun blindness, his skin parched and peeling. “Let me help you,” I said, offering my flask. “Let me tell you about Jesus. Drink His water and you’ll never thirst again…” The man flung the precious […]

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Lost and Found

Lost and Found   Soon time will end with trumpet blast And countless saints will gather ‘round Blood-washed millions will shout with joy “We once were lost, but now we’re found!”   Angelic hosts will stand in awe And marvel at the glorious sound As Heaven rings with thunderous praise, “We once were lost, but […]

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A Story of Childlike Faith: Book Review for “Heaven is for Real”

“The LORD protects those of childlike faith; I was facing death, and He saved me.” Psalm 116:6 I’m usually extremely skeptical when authors claim to have heavenly visions and say they know firsthand what Heaven will be like. Personally, I don’t think anything could possibly prepare us for the breathtaking surprise that awaits the Christian […]

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