When the Darkness Closes…

  “Sissy’s cryin’,” our two-year old son told me the other morning as I walked into his room to wake him up. “Sissy’s cryin’!” I believed him, but was a little surprised since Mommy and I had heard nothing about it. It’s not uncommon for Sissy to have trouble sleeping if the branches outside happen […]

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Stalked by Fear, Part II

Stalked by Fear, Part II As I strolled down life’s bright path, warmed by the radiant optimism in the air, my foot landed upon a yellowed page with a soft crunch. Overtaken by curiosity, I unraveled the old paper and realized it was a letter. As it turned out, it was the saddest letter I […]

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Stalked by Fear: Part I

Stalked by Fear: Part I He used to tip-toe into my room at night, grabbing me by the throat until my breath came in short gasps. My heart would beat wildly against my chest as I listened to the clock tick-tick-tick the hours away, the stench of his breath making it difficult to breathe. For […]

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