Writer’s Wednesday – Getting Things Out of Perspective

Write for any length of time and you’ll soon realize that there really isn’t such a thing as a new story.  No matter how hard we work at being completely original, any plot line or character we create will resemble something else out there that has already been done.  Writers aren’t actually in the business […]


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Christian Artist Feature – Michael Henderson and the Living Art Project

The planned scope of the paintings will combine into a kind of contemplative space for people to encounter God for themselves. I can’t wait to see them. – Michael Frost, Author, Morling Theological College, Sydney This project takes the viewer on a visual journey of God’s love and sacrifice, his faithfulness and mercy, juxtaposed with […]

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The Image of God: Why We Create

Since the dawn of time, human beings have expressed their creativity – and their identity – by producing art.  From cave drawings and ancient pottery to modern horror novels and summer blockbuster films, mankind seems to be obsessed with creating.  Each generation strives to leave its mark on the universe by producing something totally new […]

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