We Are God’s Poetry!

This thought really encouraged me this week.  I scrawled it on a sticky note and slapped it on my desk, and even wrote put it on my white board as the “Quote of the Week.”   Here’s why it spoke to me: 1.) Think of the time and care a poet takes to carefully craft […]

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Y – Yellow Paradox

    Color adds so much more to our world than mere beauty… it enhances the meaning and truth within everything it touches.  Have you ever thought of the rich, eternal conflict which lies within each color?  In order to capture the conflict and tension buried deep within the color yellow, I used a diamante […]

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Devotional Desktop

Each time I turn on my computer, I am usually preparing to work for several hours and have a flurry of thoughts running through my mind. In the midst of this frenzied mental activity, it can be difficult to slow down and take time to meditate on God. Thanks to the free devotional desktop images […]

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