When the Darkness Closes…

  “Sissy’s cryin’,” our two-year old son told me the other morning as I walked into his room to wake him up. “Sissy’s cryin’!” I believed him, but was a little surprised since Mommy and I had heard nothing about it. It’s not uncommon for Sissy to have trouble sleeping if the branches outside happen […]

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Meaningful Mistakes

  This weekend was, as usual, a wonderful one – and full of mistakes! While I wish I was the kind of person who always did things the right way the first time, nothing could be further from the truth. Every time I turn around I’m messing something up, or having something blow up in […]

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Resting in Worship

This past Sunday we invited two guest musicians to lead our congregation in a time of acoustic worship as part of our 5th Sunday Sing. As a worship leader, having someone else come and take the lead for even just one service is such a rejuvenating experience… it allows me to really rest throughout the […]

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