God Wrote a Fairytale…

  Proposal stories come in all shapes and sizes, but ours still makes me smile. I told Janelle to dress up because we were taking photos with my family, and drove her to the Botanic Gardens. Once there, we strolled through the flower gardens until we ended up at a picturesque white gazebo with a […]

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Learning to Dance

After a glorious wedding ceremony, my new bride and I had our picture perfect moment as they began to play our song during the reception. With a knowing smile, we took each other’s hand and swept across the dance floor in harmony, moving smoothly through the dance steps we had practiced for so long. It […]

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The Crying Kind…

“Oh, I’m just not the crying kind.”   Famous last words. I used to try and convince my wife that I’m not the typical “dramatic musician” who wears his emotion on his sleeve, but I’ve since given up the charade. What can I say? I’m a sentimental person, and everybody knows it. But even after coming […]

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