Thanks to My Blogging Family!

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. Barbara Bush     Thank You to My Blogging Family! At this time last year, this blog was nothing but a concept that had sparked within the back of my imagination. “Can I really keep up with this?” I wondered. “And if […]

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My Warmest Christmas Memory

    Hearing familiar carols, seeing merry lights twinkling on every street, and smelling the indescribable aroma of fresh-baked cookies always sends my thoughts on a happy trip down Memory Lane. Of all the wonderful Christmas memories I’ve shared with my loved ones over the years, however, there is one that I’ll never forget. It […]

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9/11 – The Day I Grew Up

When we go to college, we fully expect to receive an education and learn the material in our textbooks. What we often find surprising, however, is how much our professors end up teaching us about life. This was the case for me on the fateful September 11, 2001 – when my English professor taught me […]

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