Flash Friday: Full Circle

In what feels like a lifetime ago, a rag tag bunch of rogue writers would sharpen their pens every Friday and celebrate the end of a long week with a Flash Fiction Contest. The contest ended in 2015, but now… five years later… Flash Friday is back.


It’s a writer’s reunion, and we couldn’t be more excited.  In a world full of chaos, we get to retreat into a world of dragons, sorcerers, and powerful truths and hear from good friends each week once again.  To join in the fun, visit flashfriday.wordpress.com.



Full Circle



“You took my life, and now I take yours.”


Gamon had rehearsed these words since he watched the Emperor’s men slaughter his village. As he joined the Royal Army and rose in rank. Now the withered Emperor sat here, fighting to smile through the pain.


“Give him this,” the captain said. “Mercury. Death.”


Gamon’s hand trembled, then steadied as he poured a bowl of harmless stew.


“You took life,” he thought. “But I restore it.”



[Fire Dragon Revolutionary Challenge; 75 words]


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