Motivating Monday – Appreciating My “Silver Lining”




Some of you will remember my post from a few months ago about declaring war on my stubborn gray hair and fighting to maintain my youthful appearance.  Well, sadly, the “Gray-Hair Saga” continues!



I quickly realized that hair dye is not only expensive, but washes out incredibly quickly.  It’s just so difficult to keep up with, that I ended up doing exactly what the senior adults in my life swore I’d do… I just let it go.  Much to my high school students’ dismay, my hair is completely natural, and everyone can see that I’ve earned more than my share of silver hairs!



This bothered me at first, but as I began reading through the Bible for the new year, I came across a familiar verse.  I’ve read this verse hundreds of times throughout my life, but it suddenly held new meaning for me:



“Do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black.” – Matthew 5:36



I’ve often wondered why the LORD allows us to age so quickly.  Is it to remind us of how fragile life is, or that our days are numbered?  Perhaps this is part of it.  But as I read this verse, I came to a new conclusion.  Perhaps He gives us gray hair as we get older to give us a daily reminder that He is in control.



As I gaze into the mirror each morning, I no longer loathe the sight of my “silver lining.”  Instead, it reminds me each morning that I don’t have to handle life’s worries on my own.  God has the whole thing under control, and my worrying won’t change a single part of it!



Don’t buckle under the stress of your Monday.  Instead, take a breath. 


God has this “life thing” under control.


7 thoughts on “Motivating Monday – Appreciating My “Silver Lining”

  1. The silver never bothered me, whilst it seems to bother everyone else. I used to say it was good to grow old gracefully. However I look at my ‘silver lining’ as a reminder of where I have come from, the stress and anxiety that led to the first ones and the mark of maturity for the rest.

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  2. Funny coincidence. I posted a Haiku today about the gift of silver hair. I began to go gray in my thirties. In those days hair dyes were not very satisfactory and with three young sons I didn’t have time to worry anyway. Then a friend asked me where I had my hair “done”, as if I paid someone for my salt and pepper look. I began to see my naturally gray hair as a lovely gift. My sons are in their late forties and early fifties and all are going gray. I think they look like solidly mature men.

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