The Art of Celebration



“The dark is just a canvas for Your grace and brightness.” – Rend Collective, “Joy”



To be honest with everyone, the last couple of weeks have been especially draining and I’ve felt the full weight of balancing four jobs and raising a family.  On top of my hectic schedule (which included tense, stressful business meetings and countless people demanding attention and help), I got a call that my grandfather in the area has not been doing well and needs special care.  I hung up the phone and thought, “Why are you putting this on me, God?  Don’t I already have enough going on?  Do I really have to do this?”



That night I had a dream that I was caring for my own two dogs when a beautiful golden retriever ran into the yard.  I called to the beautiful dog, but he ran from me.  I chased him and felt so sad… I realized that I really loved this dog!  When I woke up, God’s message to me was clear.  He was telling me, “I love your grandfather in the same way you loved that dog.  You don’t have to take care of everyone, but you do need to take care of this one.”



I drove out and spent a long evening with my grandfather after work one weeknight, and we had a good visit.  He listened intently as I shared the Gospel, and I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to really help someone in the way they needed most.  I’ve been completely exhausted and spent this week, but my heart has been full of joy.



As I’ve been going through this, the Praise Team that I lead at school decided to sing a song by a Christian music group called Rend Collective – a song from their recent album, The Art of Celebration.  The songs from this album and the idea behind it – that worship and celebration are an art form that we ought to work to perfect,   that praising God with childlike wonder is something the world tries to steal from us but that we desperately and inherently need – have blessed me this week more than words can say.



In the video below, a member of Rend Collective explains what inspired this incredible album.  Take a minute of your time and you will be blessed!





Life is tough, especially when you’re on the front lines in God’s work.  But isn’t it wonderful to know that our darkest, most difficult moments are simply opportunities for God’s light and glory to shine in the most breathtaking ways?



Have a blessed week, everyone!


6 thoughts on “The Art of Celebration

  1. A celebration from beginning to end. Your visit to your grandfather reminded me of a time when I was surprised to discover that I was in the one place God wanted me to be – and that small room was the most important place on earth. Then I watched The Art of Celebration and haven’t quit smiling. Thanks for your gift. I also loved the Irish brogue.

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