We Are God’s Poetry!

This thought really encouraged me this week.  I scrawled it on a sticky note and slapped it on my desk, and even wrote put it on my white board as the “Quote of the Week.”  

Here’s why it spoke to me:

1.) Think of the time and care a poet takes to carefully craft each word – each line – of a poem.  A great deal of effort goes into writing poetry, and God put that kind of care into carefully creating you!

2.) Poems communicate so much in so few words, and this is what you do for God! You declare His glory by simply existing, and have the potential to show the world so much truth through your actions. 

3.) Artists are always proud of their finest work.  As the crowning achievement of God’s creation, you can be encouraged knowing that He is proud of you and looks on with joy as you fulfill the purpose He designed for you!

Just a little inspiration to get you through the week.  Be blessed!


7 thoughts on “We Are God’s Poetry!

  1. We are poetry God’s poetry….and blessings to you! I sing the old gospel music at nursing homes here in Casper.
    So many haven’t heard these since childhood. I feel as though God’s poetry is forsaken. Wherever I play
    though they enjoy. Thank you but mostly I THANK GOD.

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