Motivating Monday – The Gift of Beauty

Our world is a beautiful place, full of color, mystery, and wonder.  Why is it so incredibly beautiful?  What does this stunning display mean?

The beauty of the universe is a profound gift.  First, it proves that there is a God – a Divine Artist.  If science or evolution had sparked the world’s creation, then our world would be merely functional. But look around – our world is functional and beautiful, and breathtakingly so!  A Creative Mind was certainly at work in this masterpiece!

Next, the beauty of our world reminds us just how much we are loved and cherished by God.  He could have given us a black and white world, but loved us enough to provide an impressive assortment of color, variation, and thrilling sights.  Drink in the beauty of today and hear Him saying, “I did this for you.  You’re that important to me!”

Happy Monday, everyone!


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