The Beginning of the End (So I Dyed My Hair…)

Old Man



It was just a small, unassuming bottle of men’s hair dye.  No big deal – right?  I told myself this again and again as I cowered in the Walmart aisle, hoping nobody would see what I was thinking of purchasing.  It was as if I was about to toss a walking stick and a healthy supply of adult diapers into the shopping cart – farewell, youth!



It didn’t help that the alarm went off at the self-checkout station, causing the Walmart employee to rush over and raise his eyebrows at my purchase.  “Stop looking at me like that!” I wanted to scream.  “You might be comfortable with your ‘silver lining,’ but it’s not for me!  I’m still young and full of life… it’s just not time for me to roll over and die quite yet!”



Now, was all this really necessary, you might ask?  The answer is a resounding yes!   I completely ignored my first gray hair, and didn’t mind a silver streak or two.  But when I found a patch of snow white on my young adult head, it was time to sound the alarms!  I told my wife that this was a red-alert, emergency situation!  With a smile on her face, she simply told me to go pick up the dye.  And that was the beginning, you see… the beginning of the end.



It actually turned out pretty natural, and I’m happy with it!  Did my students freak out and laugh me to scorn?  You know they did, but I simply grinned.  At least I didn’t look like Donald Sutherland from The Hunger Games!  I might work with senior adults at church on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean I have to become one – at least not yet!



Let’s face it folks, getting older is rough.  This past Sunday I listened to a lady tell us at Bible Study with huge tears in her eyes that her husband had needed to buy a cane last week.  “We just don’t feel old, you know?” she said with a trembling voice.  I nodded in total and complete understanding.



Yes, I am in denial, my friends!  Sweet, delectable denial!  I’m not old, worn, and stressed out to my eyeballs – no way!  I am young, vibrant, energetic, and ready to take life by the horns!  They say ignorance is bliss, and I say that choosing to ignore something is even sweeter!



I hope you all have an incredibly blessed week.  Now excuse me, I have some not growing up to do!


8 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End (So I Dyed My Hair…)

  1. This is delightful! I well remember my first six gray hairs that I kept pulling out with tweezers until there were so many more I had to let that go. Hair dyes back then ( I’m now eighty) were not subtle and I didn’t go that route. Enjoy your new look.

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