A Parent’s Guide to Surviving Summer

Remember the good old days, when you used to stay awake at night dreaming of summer?  No school, no homework…just two months of relaxation and fun – right?

If you’re a parent, you’re probably laughing uncontrollably right now.  Why?  Because you know that cabin fever sets in after two weeks are through, and being stuck in the house with a hoard of super-bored kids is not exactly a summer dream come true?

So how are parents supposed to survive this nightmarish marathon until schools finally get their act together and open already?  Here are three tips that will greatly increase your chances of survival:

1. Never Underestimate the Big Box!

If you ask, your local hardware store should be able to let you have a giant refrigerator box free of charge.  Parent – go get one immediately!  

Not only will kids spend hours crawling through the box and using it as a playhouse, but when nap time comes you can use it to block the doorway to their bedroom area with a chair on the other side to keep it from getting moved.  Yes, I’m serious!  This prevents them from trying to steal snacks and gives you at least one hour of actual rest without those excruciating nap-time interruptions!

2. Take Up Hiking

Any high-energy activity will do, really.  This summer we’ve spent many a morning hiking on nature trails.  There’s no phone reception, everyone gets fresh air and sunlight, and by nap time the kids are worn out enough to actually sleep.  The beautiful scenery does wonders for your mood, as well!  

3. Learn a Foreign Language

My wife decided to learn French this summer, and boy did this pay off!  First of all, it’s just plain romantic to have a language all your own.  But on top of that, we can finally have a conversation without our nosy children memorizing every word and running off to repeat them.  This is especially great for long road trips.  Instead of mentioning lunch out loud and getting everyone upset, we can simply say, “Je souis faime.  Desirez vouz tu mange?”  By the way, this will drive your kids absolutely nuts (an added bonus!)

What Tricks Are Up Your Sleeve?

These little tricks have helped my wife and I through the long summer months.  What about you?  Any summer tricks to share? 

Enjoy the rest of these glorious summer days – seriously, this is possible!


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