Join the “Big 1,000” Blogging Party!

“The bridge between a dream and reality is work.” – Jay Leto, Actor

When I began blogging about two years ago, I really knew nothing about it.  I was that clueless employee who asked a co-worker, “So…how does this Twitter thing work?”  My goal from the beginning was to try and reach 1,000 followers, and I threw myself into learning the ropes of the blogging business.

Now I’m happy to announce that – thanks to all of you – I’ve reached the “1,000 Followers” Milestone!  I’m so grateful to each and every reader.  Thanks for encouraging me and keeping me going along the way.  I couldn’t have done it without you!

I couldn’t think of a better way to thank my readers than to help you all reach your own blogging goals.  Below are three easy steps to “reaching 1,000” and an invitation to meet other bloggers through a blogging party!

3 Steps to Reaching 1,000

1. Cover a Variety of Topics

Many blogs are very “one-note,” which works for some but certainly not for everyone.  Only writing on one topic limits the audience who will be interested in following you, and won’t even feel interesting to you after a while!  Think of ways to branch out and add variety to your blog!

2. Participate in Blogging Events

Blogging events are not a waste of time.  Instead, they allow you to meet hundreds of other writers that you wouldn’t encounter otherwise.  Have you been invited to participate in a blogging party, blogging award, or blogging challenge?  Do it!
3. Support Other Writers

Many writers feel isolated, but this is by choice.  The writing community can be incredibly warm and supportive if you foster that type of relationship!  Encourage other writers, follow other writers, and celebrate with other writers.  Support them, and they will look for ways to support you!

Join the “Big 1,000” Blogging Party!
The rules for this are simple.  Simply publish a post that fits our theme of “1,000,” and share your link in the comments below so we can hop over and like your post!  Don’t forget to add a link back to this post so others can join the fun!

Best of luck to each of you as you reach for the stars and make your personal blogging goals become reality.  You can make it happen!


18 thoughts on “Join the “Big 1,000” Blogging Party!

    1. Thanks for being a real encouragement today, Joe! You’re correct that I started out to capture the interest of others, but blogging has blessed me more than I ever thought it would. Thanks for dropping by!

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