Motivating Monday – Off-roading through Life

My family and I jumped into action this summer and hiked over 15 1/2 miles during our first week out of school!  The New Mexico scenery was beautiful and we had a good time together as a family.  Perhaps the best part of all, however, happened when we got lost.

The other day we hit a trail that was not very clearly marked.  We ended up crossing a river we weren’t supposed to cross, and before we knew it we were lost.  Instead of freaking out, we put our heads together and listened to one another’s ideas.  We followed a river downstream until we spotted the highway, and walked along the road back to our car.  It was a bit of a detour, but we learned some invaluable lessons!

I couldn’t help but compare this to life.  We all make mistakes and get off course, but this doesn’t have to ruin us!  Listen for the Lord’s direction, find your way back to the right path as soon as possible, and you’ll reach your destination just fine!  

And above all, enjoy the scenery along the way.  If you’re walking with the Lord, it’s sure to be a breathtaking ride!


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