Motivating Monday – Thriving in Challenge

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” – Moliere

As I arrived at school in the wee hours of the morning to teach my online classes, a few surprises awaited me.  Vaseline on the doors.  Plastic wrap blocking the stairwell.  Desks slathered with shaving cream and a computer mouse dripping with goop.  That’s right folks, today is Senior Prank Day!

The clock was ticking toward my first session, so I got myself into gear and tackled one challenge after another.  After leaping over plastic wrap and using a Lysol wipe on my computer mouse, I logged onto class just in time!

As I did this, I began thinking about the way additional challenges help us think quicker and more clearly than routine situations.  It’s incredible to see what can be accomplished when you have to!

Today, don’t dread the week’s challenges.  Take them in full stride, and notice the way each new challenge brings out the best in you and your ability to overcome. 

 Let’s tackle those glorious obstacles!


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