Fresh Inspiration for the Frazzled Teacher

“If you can survive a year of teaching, you can survive anything!” – A First-Year Teacher

“There’s no tired like end-of-the-year teacher tired!” – Said Every Teacher, Everywhere

Are you a frazzled teacher? If you work with children in any capacity, then I’d be willing to bet money that your gas tank is on “Empty” this week! All those friends who tell you how lucky you should feel since “they don’t get summer breaks” can stuff it – this would be like telling someone who just finished a marathon, “You have no right to be tired – I walk around every day!” The truth is, teaching is utterly exhausting work!


Never is this more true than the month of May. Students are hyper-excited about summer, and they end up doing crazy things! Of course, teachers end up grading through the night while dealing with supercharged kids all day, and the result is an overwhelming feeling of burnout.

If this describes you, take heart! As drained as you might feel, there are a few things we know for certain:

1. You Are Not Wasting Your Time!
Sometimes teachers wonder if the lessons they teach are really sinking in. Whether students seem to “get it” at the moment or not, they will always remember – for better or worse – the things they’ve learned from you.

2. You Are Appreciated!
Students love to give their teachers a hard time – it’s just part of school culture. But deep down, they really do love and appreciate you. Remind yourself of this now, and they’ll let you know, when they’re a little older, how much you meant to them.

3. You Are Molding Our Future
All jobs are important, but education is vital to society. Without teachers, no other occupation would be possible. Your work is important – hold that head up high!


We can do this, teachers – we can survive the May rush! Grab that emergency chocolate stash (I know you have one) and make it a great day!


6 thoughts on “Fresh Inspiration for the Frazzled Teacher

  1. Teachers are capable of doing so much, and they work so hard. It’s such a shame that they usually don’t get the credit they deserve. I had a few great teachers that really inspired. me and instilled lifelong interests and lessons into me. Excellent post!!

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    1. Thanks for that! It’s a good reminder for all of us to thank those who’ve meant a great deal to us. And who knows who you might have impacted along the way? They may never tell you, but you may have inspired someone in a big way through something you’ve said or posted!

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