Y – Yellow Paradox

Yellow Sun



Color adds so much more to our world than mere beauty… it enhances the meaning and truth within everything it touches.  Have you ever thought of the rich, eternal conflict which lies within each color? 

In order to capture the conflict and tension buried deep within the color yellow, I used a diamante – a diamond-shaped poem which toys with contrasting ideas…

Yellow Paradox



burning sun

friendship and cheer

a bright  warm  star radiant in space

a  vast  expanse of blackness, unsearchable, unyielding


a stirring invitation to adventurers, dreamers, lovers,

an unquenchable thirst for truth, for light,

shining and blazing

smiling heart




Today’s post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge, where participants commit to posting one article for each day during the month of April – one for every letter of the alphabet.  



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