L – Are You a “Lost” Blogger?

Lost with People



Every writer takes off with a glorious destination in mind, and at some point every writer will crash and burn. Whether you’re still flying high and dreaming of book signings and making the New York Times Bestseller List, or whether you’ve survived a crash or two, gazing at the “dream wreckage” and considering throwing in the towel, keep this in mind.


You’re not alone.

After all, “Live together, die alone.” Right?

In case you still haven’t figured it out, I’m one of those people who started watching the ABC television series, Lost, thinking, “I’ll just watch an episode or two.” Now here I am, a veteran who successfully made it through the entire series and going crazy that I still don’t have any answers!

But that’s not completely true. While the television show thrives on unresolved mysteries, it has offered me several inspiring lessons as a fledgling writer fighting for survival in the blogosphere.

So what does it mean to be a “Lost” Blogger? Let’s take a look:

The Bad News

  • You’ve realized that becoming a writer isn’t a joyride after all, but requires day after day of backbreaking work. It’s a tough job, and a tough market, and you’re going to have to fight to survive.
  • You’ve also realized that this world is full of other writers who are better, smarter, and more talented than you – and that they are fighting to make it just as hard as you are. (Let’s just call them “The Others.”)
  • Every once in a while, no matter what you do to try and stay positive, that monstrous black cloud of doubt and fear rears its ugly head again and haunts your every post.
  • You’ve come to the stunning realization that there is no way off this island. Now that you’ve gotten a taste of writing, you just can’t stop. Yeah. You’re definitely a writer.

The Good News

  • You can learn a lot from the varied experiences of your fellow writers. You’re all in this together, so why not join forces? If you participate in blogging events and contests, and make a point of interacting with other bloggers, you’ll strengthen your writing and find the experience more satisfying. “Live together, die alone!”
  • Everyone’s back story is interesting – including yours! You may not have been paralyzed from the waist down like the blogger next door, but if you look for creative ways to tell your own story you will find an audience. Someone out there will relate to what you have to say!
  • If you keep your ear to the ground, every once in a while a “big break” will fall into your lap. Just as sweet (and as unexpected), as a Dharma Initiative food crate, these opportunities can come in the way of blogging events, blogging awards, and blogging trends that are fun to participate in. Learning how to take advantage of these golden opportunities when they present themselves will increase your readership, push you as a writer, and open your eyes to exciting new possibilities.
  • If you stop stressing and take time to enjoy the writing experience, it can help you find healing and strength. This may not be as dramatic as finding yourself cured of cancer or leaping out of your wheelchair, but you’ll learn a great deal about yourself, and will begin to find the process of filing an empty page cathartic.

So… Are You a “Lost” Blogger?





Today’s post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge, where participants commit to posting one article for each day during the month of April – one for every letter of the alphabet.

Check back here at “The Artistic Christian” for a daily slice of art (art reviews, practical tips, and motivation for artists), all steeped in a rich Christian worldview.


11 thoughts on “L – Are You a “Lost” Blogger?

  1. I have been “lost” at times with my blogging. I’m at my worst when it starts to feel like a routine. Fortunately there are events like this A to Z Challenge and the Insecure Writer’s Support Group that keep it fun and interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, exactly. This is my first year doing A to Z, and I can’t believe how good it’s been for my writing. Though I have to admit, it’s tough trying to keep up with all the other blogs I want to read.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. No, no feeling of being a lost blogger. I started this journey to become a writer, to tell all the stories that clutter my mind. I do make a concerted effort to improve my writing. I also write every day, knowing that I won’t get better without putting in the time. I have not found much value in comparing myself with others. They are on their path, and I am on mine. If I can lean something from another traveler then I count myself lucky. A very thought provoking post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you’re very wise not to compare yourself to others, but I also agree that there is a lot that we can learn from other writers! I’ve picked up so many good ideas and techniques that work from reading books and browsing through other blogs. It’s helpful to remember that we’re not alone in this writing thing, but part of a larger community! This is what I love most about blogging. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      Liked by 1 person

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