F – The Freedom Fighter Who Has Inspired Generations

Captain America

Today’s post is dedicated to our men and women in uniform – both local heroes and those serving overseas.  These real freedom fighters make life as we know it possible here in America.  From the bottom of my heart… thank you.

Super heroes are everywhere these days.  Thanks to a little Hollywood magic, it has become virtually impossible to walk through a cinema or even a grocery store without encountering the bright colors and stoic features of these beloved childhood heroes.  This trend, however, carries much more meaning than we might realize.  More than “kid’s stuff,” vintage comic book characters were fashioned out of the very fabric that made our nation great: the quest for freedom.

Take Captain America, for example.  One of my personal favorites, this “little guy” with a heart of gold whose encounter with a “Super Soldier Serum” which allowed his physical presence to match his inner character has long stood as a symbol of Freedom and the American Spirit.  Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the cartoonists who designed this character, originally wanted to call him the “Super American,” but this seemed too much like a shameless rip-off of Superman, who was already infamous.  Instead, they gave us “Captain America,” a man whose integrity and goodness is just as magnificent as his super human strength.

The first “Captain America” comic was published in March 1941, right about the time that the Nazi regime threatened the globe.  As Americans banded together to battle against this extremely serious threat, they loved these stories of a true “Super American Hero” who stood for what was right, refused to back down, and led his nation to victory.  The story was perfect for this period of history, which is why it was published in Timely Comics (the company which later changed its name to Marvel).

In a day where the line between “hero” and “villain” is becoming increasingly more vague, I love to look back at vintage super heroes such as Captain America and everything they stood for.  They truly offered more than an entertaining story of good triumphing over evil.  Instead, these stories have inspired generations of America to join the quest for freedom and to stand up for what is right.  Isn’t this the kind of hero we want our kids to cheer for?

May we all take a page out of Captain America’s book and refuse to be afraid to stand out or speak up for what we know to be right and true.  If we will do this, then just like America’s favorite freedom fighter we will discover that we have become stronger – and more influential – than we ever dreamed we could be.



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9 thoughts on “F – The Freedom Fighter Who Has Inspired Generations

  1. The sacrifice our service members make the day they sign their contract is that they are willing to die to protect our country and those who reside here. May the be protected by God Almighty as they step forward in our place!

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  2. I’m learning more each day to not be afraid to say what I have to say, especially because when I’m speaking of my faith, I’m also trying to help bring others to God. It’s an eternal consequence if I fail and that person doesn’t find Him. I can’t help but take my stand for God’s truth now with everything going on in the country.

    Funnily enough, I love Captain America in The Avengers, but I’ve never seen the Captain America movie in its entirety. Only bits and pieces. I really need to get my hands on the movie to watch it.

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    1. It’s so scary to speak up sometimes because we worry we might say something wrong. But it’s wonderful to know that God can give us the words to say and can use us in spite of our insecurities!

      As far as “Captain America,” that was an incredible movie. You need to watch it ASAP!

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