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“To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music that words make.” – Truman Capote

I was born to write.  Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved telling stories and playing with new and creative ways to arrange words in a way that tingles the senses and moves the soul.  Does this mean that everything I put to paper is gold?  Of course not – writing is hard work!  But each time I sit down to write it feels right, somehow – as if I’m doing something I was designed to do.  That’s how I know that I truly am a writer.

If you’re reading this, then I imagine you feel the same way.  At times it seems that the number of people who dream of writing something important outnumber the stars in the night sky.  Have you ever wondered why?  Can this many people really be called to write?  What if all of us have been called to tell our story?

To understand this phenomenon, we have to have a solid grasp of where we came from.  In Genesis 1:26, God says, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”  Each of us has been created to reflect the nature of God.  Understanding God, then, is the key to understanding ourselves.  And God, you see, is an Author.

Through the timeless pages of Scripture, God tells His story.  He begins at the dawn of time, and concludes far into our future when time shall be no more.  Through it all, He reveals to His readers Who He is, what He has done, and above all – how infinitely He loves us.

He also told His story through the person of Jesus Christ.  How is Jesus introduced in the Gospel of John?  Not as a Savior, or as a Teacher, but as the Word (John 1:1).  The life and work of Jesus was God’s greatest message of all.  As we think of this sinless man drawing His last breath on a cruel cross because of our faults – the story refuses to let us go.  It haunts our thoughts daily, and inspires us to greatness… everything a good story should do.

As men and women created in the image of the Greatest Author, it only goes to follow that we would dream of becoming authors ourselves.  From the beginning, every human being who has ever lived has attempted to tell his or her story in one way or another. And if we want our writing to be excellent, then we must do our very best to reflect the writing of the First Author.

How on earth do we accomplish this?  We make sure we tackle the big questions:  “Who am I?”  and “Why am I here?”  Think of every story that has truly moved you or impacted your decisions, and at the heart of it you’ll find an answer to these two all-important questions.

As Christian writers, we have an additional advantage:  not only do we know which questions to ask, but we know the answers.  The Bible tells us plainly that we were created in God’s image for the purpose of bringing attention and glory to His name. Weave this into the fabric of your next storyline, and it is sure to ring true in the hearts of all who read it… because it is truth.

Be encouraged, fellow writer!  Each time you embark on another writing journey and seek to fill another blank page, you are doing something incredibly important.  You are reflecting the image and work of God.  Let’s do our work, and do it well.


A 2017

Today’s post is part of the A-to-Z Challenge, where participants commit to posting one article for each day during the month of April – one for every letter of the alphabet.  

Check back here at “The Artistic Christian” for a daily slice of art (art reviews, practical tips, and motivation for artists), all steeped in a rich Christian worldview.


10 thoughts on “A – Authors by Instinct

  1. “we were created in God’s image for the purpose of bringing attention and glory to His name.” This is very timely for me – the second time I’ve heard it in two days. Thank you for allowing Him to speak through you.

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  2. Finally had a minute to sit down and read your post. Wow. I know my first “poem” I wrote when I was 6 🙂 ans ever since I loved to write. poems mostly, and my diary 🙂 Essays for school (yeah I was one of those weird ones that actually loved it 🙂 ). I guess life happened and it all went to sleep somehow… Thanks for your words! 🙂
    BookBug’s World

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    1. I’m glad you stopped by! My siblings and I used to write stories for fun when we were kids…writing is fun! I hope my own kids catch the “writing bug” too. Have a good one!


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