Outsmarting Valentines Day

Painted Heart


Did Valentines Day sneak up on you this year?  Here are three easy tips for emerging from this holiday unscathed and with your love life fully intact:


1.  Numerous Thoughts Outweigh Big Gifts

Are you on a budget and unable to buy expensive jewelry or perfume?  Don’t sweat it – remember that showing someone you care means showing them that they are on your mind – often. 


Instead of a big-dollar gift, try giving several small ones in the days leading up to Valentines Day.  Just a small token each day that says, “I love you, and you’re in my thoughts.”


If it’s already too late for that, then try sending a note of love and appreciation every hour, on the hour, throughout Valentines Day.  You can do this through text message or e-mail, and it will give your spouse something to look forward to throughout the entire day.   It only costs a little time and effort, but the results?  Priceless.



2.  Flowers are Flowers – No Matter Where They Come From

Flower companies are a real headache on Valentines Day.  The deliveries are often sloppy and late, and they’ll charge exorbitant prices for their mediocre bouquets.  There’s something magical about getting flowers on Valentines Day, though.  Here’s how to outsmart the system.


Find a local Central Market or other grocery store with a good selection of fresh flowers and put a bouquet together yourself.  The clerk will usually wrap it for you, or you can purchase a nice vase and have an even better presentation.  Just a few notes on this… if the flowers are wrapped in cellophane, get those flowers out of there – this screams “Cheap!”  Buy tissue paper and wrap them again in something a little more impressive (this can even be done in the car, by the way).  Also, sometimes the roses on Valentines Day have already begun to wilt.  One bad rose spoils the bunch, so buy an extra bunch and take time to remove any wilted flowers and trash them. 


What about the delivery?  You can either hand it to the secretary at your spouse’s workplace yourself, or ask a friend to do it. Either way, the magic of having something delivered still applies!



3.  Try Fine Dining – At Home!

My wife and I love to watch cooking shows on television, and dream of eating at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.  The only problem is, these restaurants are nowhere close to our state and we couldn’t afford it even if they were!  Plus, trying to get a reservation and fighting the crowds on Valentines Day is a real way to spoil the moment!


Here’s what we decided to do.  We looked up fine dining menus online from several world famous restaurants, and put together a menu for our own four-course meal.  Then we searched for recipes on how to create these little masterpieces ourselves, and for a minimal cost at the grocery store we’re going to prepare our own gourmet feast.  Put the kids to bed, light a few candles and turn on soft music, and you’ll have a more romantic experience than any restaurant could hope to deliver.  Plus, you get to enjoy your spouse’s company during the planning and cooking process!


This is the menu we came up with for this year:


Cranberry Pecan Brie Bites


Pumpkin Coconut Bisque


Raspberry Glazed Lamb Chops


Panna Cotta Drizzled in Decadent Berry Sauce

Don’t let Valentines Day stress you out or bust your wallet.  Outsmart the day and make some unforgettable memories to boot.

Happy Valentines Day!


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