Writer’s Wednesday – Finding a Partner in Crime

Writing can become an extremely lonely profession at times.  The more engrossed you become in a novel or other writing project, the more you begin to realize that some of your best friends are characters that do not actually exist!

Joining a writing community to partner with can not only provide companionship from those who understand the ups and downs of the trade, but can also supply you with a host of fresh ideas.

Finding a writing partner will also help you greatly.  One widow in my congregation has a friend who comes over every Tuesday to eat dinner and spend time writing.  What a fabulous way to keep yourself writing and to have a trustworthy editor ever at your side!

My wife is my writing partner, and each of us has several projects going at any given time.  Our idea of the perfect date is spending a few hours in the mountains, drinking in the scenery, writing, and sharing suggestions and ideas.

Find someone to walk beside you on your writing journey, and the adventure will take on even greater dimensions!

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Wednesday – Finding a Partner in Crime

  1. A friend of mine and I wanted to start a writers’ group…now it’s partners and we are reading/writing together every other month…both busy with our families but look forward to meeting over coffee and a book!

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