Writer’s Wednesday – Getting a Second Opinion

Hands shaking, you open the envelope from the publishing company, only to find the dreaded rejection letter.  Again.  

Holding your breath, you glance at the comments from the judge at the Writing Competition, and stare in disbelief at their scathing review.  You poured your soul into this story, and now it’s left gasping for air as the judges have snidely slit its throat.

We’ve all been there, Fellow Writers!  The question is, how should you respond?  Do you burn the judges’ comments in a blind rage?  Do you toss your beloved manuscript in the garbage disposal, or give up on writing completely?

Absolutely not!  Think of writing critics like doctors…when one seems to be over-reacting, go out there and get a second opinion!
Just like judging any of the arts (music, painting, cooking), giving feedback for a writing sample is extremely subjective.  Often the judge’s own taste is reflected more than the writer’s potential or ability.  Don’t let one bad review get you down!

I’ve learned that even bad reviews can teach us a great deal, however, so be sure to carefully consider what they’ve suggested (after the Kleenex runs out, that is).  What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger as a writer.

Happy Writing!

8 thoughts on “Writer’s Wednesday – Getting a Second Opinion

  1. You are so right! Writing is absolutely subjective and what one loves another does not. (Aside from crafting well, of course, which we should all learn and keep learning.) Some wise author once told me to put away all the critiques for a week at least (after the private rant and good cry) and then come back and look at them with fresh eyes and a little more objectivity. Good advice! It makes the critique feel more helpful and less “scathing.” I’ve also found that as I improve my skills as a writer, many of those old critiques suddenly are so spot on! I simply couldn’t see then what I know now. =)


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