Writer’s Wednesday – Getting Things Out of Perspective

Write for any length of time and you’ll soon realize that there really isn’t such a thing as a new story.  No matter how hard we work at being completely original, any plot line or character we create will resemble something else out there that has already been done.  Writers aren’t actually in the business of creating – we’re in the business of creative repackaging.

So how do you repackage “writing leftovers” in a way that is tantalizing to your readers?  

Simple.  Get things out of perspective!

My English students have been learning about the importance of point of view in writing.  Have a stale storyline on your hands that seems about as appealing as a plate of liver?  Try visualizing the story from a different point of view. 

Seeing the story through a different character’s eyes can completely revitalize the tale.  Example?  The sweet, innocent Dorothy from Wizard of Oz fame becomes a fat, senseless bully in the Broadway musical, Wicked.  See how easy that was?  Simply shift the point of view to pull yourself out of a “writing rut.”

Of course, don’t forget about inanimate objects!  Why couldn’t an easy-chair, diamond ring, or winking star have an opinion?
This concept is especially helpful to me as a pastor.  We’ve been re-telling the same Bible stories for centuries, and sharing a story from a completely new perspective can take an old, familiar Bible lesson and transform it into something fresh and exciting.  Play with Point of View and Voila! You’ve got interesting Bible lessons and sermons!

So get out there and weave your tale!  The moment something wreaks of familiarity, simply shift the perspective and keep on plunging ahead into uncharted territory.  Who knows what adventures lie ahead?
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