Film Review – “Bridge of Spies”

Bridge of Spies 2015 Tom Hanks

“Everyone deserves a defense.  Every person matters.” – James Donovan, “Bridge of Spies”

The walk across the Bridge of Spies is a journey worth taking.  You could even say that it is a journey every human being must take, as the film leads us to reflect on questions that are certainly worth asking.

Do all individuals have an inherent right to fair treatment, even enemies in times of war?  Can we learn to appreciate, and even respect, those who fight against us?  Are some battles worth fighting, even if engaging in them turns the entire world against us?

These are the questions that drive James Donovan (Tom Hanks), a New York City insurance lawyer who is so good at brokering deals that the CIA recruits him to negotiate a trade involving prisoners of war during the Cold War Era.  Though his family begs him not to become involved in aiding a Russian spy and the entire country labeled him as a public enemy for doing so, Donovan puts his life on the line to fly to Berlin and broker the deal of his life.  Based on true events, the film will draw you into the world of real-life espionage, and inspire you to risk more for what you know to be right.

Bridge of Spies was nominated for Best Picture in the Academy Awards, and this film is most certainly of the highest caliber.  Steven Spielberg does not disappoint, and each scene will leave you marveling at the horrors of war and the beauty of the human spirit.  Tom Hanks gives a gripping performance as the lead character, and a new actor named Mark Rylance (who plays a Russian spy named Rudolf Abel) lights up the screen with his remarkable wit and stoicism.

If you’re ready for a story that will educate your mind, inspire your actions, and uplift your soul, then you’re ready to take the journey.  Walk across the Bridge of Spies, and the world will never look quite the same again.


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