Friday Fictioneers – “Final Sunset”

(Photo Copyright: Rich Voza)

One breathtaking photo.  100 well-chosen words.  The following story was submitted as part of Friday Fictioneers – a weekly fiction contest for writers to hone their skills.  Find other entries by visiting

Final Sunset


Her text message bounced onto my phone’s glowing screen, causing me to choke on my Sprite. I rolled my eyes as I dabbed at the mess. Susie. What a nut case. I should’ve left her months ago.

A stewardess handed me a napkin with a smirk. “Another, sir?” 

“Yes, please.”

Opening the airplane window, I drank in the golden sunset. So beautiful. But Susie would never see it, tucked away in her shelter.

I laughed, but the sound caught in my throat as I saw a black mass darken the sun.


Regret strangled me.

If only…


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