“Aaron and Hur” Painting and the Importance of Prayer Cover

The painting above, entitled Aaron and Hur Help Hold Moses’ Arms, was created by Karl Wagner and can be found at http://www.fineartamerica.com.

This painting captures the moment recorded in Exodus 17:8-14, where the Israelites prevailed in their war against the Amalekires only while Moses held up his arms in intercessory prayer.  As you can imagine, Moses’ arms grew heavy, but he was fortunate enough to have two fellow men, Aaron and Hur, to hold him up and intercede for him.

In his book, The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson uses this story to demonstrate how essential it is for us to pray hard for our fellow believers in order for them to find spiritual victory.  The moment we “let up” in our prayer efforts, those we love are left vulnerable to crippling spiritual defeats. But if we truly become prayer warriors, we might as well paint a bright red target on our backs, because Satan will come after us.  Like Moses, we need others to intercede for us and cover us in prayer so that we will have the spiritual strength to intercede for others.

This truth has really hit home for me these last few weeks.  A scandal at work left us without a leader, church conflict has created trouble in our fellowship, and our children have chosen this time to act out more than ever – my wife and I are truly fighting spiritual battles on every front – and while we know we’re doing what’s right, the constant warfare can be exhausting.  Through it all, I’ve tried to lead those around me in constant prayer, and we’ve prayed for the barrage of spiritual attacks to end.  But the harder we pray, the more Satan seems to attack us.  This means that we are doing something right – that we’re gaining spiritual ground, and Satan doesn’t like it one bit.  We’re going to keep on praying and praying hard, but we can use all the prayer cover we can get!

If you’re reading this, would you consider covering us with your prayers?  And if you leave a comment with a prayer request, we’ll be thrilled to return the favor.

Let’s not do battle without adequate prayer cover, my friends!  Instead, let us lift one another’s arms in continual intercession.

God bless!


6 thoughts on ““Aaron and Hur” Painting and the Importance of Prayer Cover

  1. Hmmmm… Interesting.. around here we are seeing similar things.. the last two months have been horrendous, and I am tired!!!!! The enemy is really coming hard right now. I will be praying for you and your family. Keep going!! You are not alone in this battle!!!

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  2. Praying for you and yours, and asking that God would give me and my family what we need.

    In Jesus name we lift all of this up to you God and humbly put it into your hands. We can’t carry it anymore. I thank you that the battle is yours, that we will stand and see the victory, that you are a good God and comfort and encourage us, your precious children. In Jesus name, Amen.

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