Book Review: AHA – The God Moment that Changes Everything


Every Christmas my wife and I swap spiritual gifts along with the other goodies…a little something to fill our spiritual tank for the upcoming year.  This year I unwrapped a copy of AHA: The God Moment that Changes Everything.

Written by Kyle Idleman, teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, this book is filled with practical, entertaining devotions that center around the story of the Prodigal Son and what it means to have an “Aha” moment where we realize how good God is, how far off course we’ve strayed, and how desperately we need to come home.

Idleman takes strong biblical principles and brings them to life with fresh, engaging stories.  My personal favorite?  The woeful tale of a senior adult who spilled coffee on the author’s brand new MacBook, leaving the computer lifeless, while laughing, “Oh well…looks like someone already took a bite out of that apple anyway!” The man didn’t realize how serious his offense was, and Idleman relates this to the way we dabble in sin without realizing how serious our offense is to God.

If you’ve been looking for a twenty-first century glimpse at a strong biblical message of redemption and new beginnings, then you’ll devour this book.  Grab yourself some Starbucks, log onto your Bible app, and enjoy!


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