Flash Friday – “Still”

One breathtaking photo.  200 words.  Man vs. Nature.

Happy Friday, fellow Flash Friday contestants!


The world was still.

Dev slowly revived, waking to a translucent calm. The air was quiet, and the sound of nothingness brought a smile to his lips. He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept so well.

He rummaged around the small camp he had put together. Just a few necessary items tucked into a cave, but it was home. The usual wave of loneliness washed over his soul as he thought about the others.

As the sun grew hotter and the oceans began to boil, the others began to die. One by one they had deserted him, until he alone remained. After weeks of stumbling across the broiling desert by sheer will, he had braced himself for the inevitable.

But now he had found the Falls. Shimmering with their life-giving glow, the Falls had taught Dev to laugh once again. He laughed aloud, delighted, but froze at the sound of his own voice. It echoed loudly in his ears.

Too loudly.

The world was still. So very still.

Dev stepped outside, and gaped at the barren cliffs. Any evidence of the glorious Falls had completely disintegrated, and the valley was bone dry.

His tears of defeat were the last drops to ever grace that unforgiving soil.


Photo Credit:  Victoria Falls.  CC 2.0 photo by Tee La Rosa.

5 thoughts on “Flash Friday – “Still”

    1. The scariest part is, the Bible really does predict dire circumstances such as this toward the end times… fortunately, those who have trusted in Christ will be caught up to Heaven before then. I’m glad I won’t be around for moments such as this!

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