Thursday 360 – “Ready”

I was thrilled to be named a Thursday 360 Champion the other week!  Click here to read my winning entry, “Everyone Has a Story.

Now a new week has dawned, and so has a new challenge!  Here’s what I did with this week’s photo prompt and the standard 360 words.

Happy Friday, Everyone!



“UFO sighted!”

Newspapers flashed the headline, and television reporters chattered excitedly with space exploration experts. The entire world, it seemed, had stopped to gaze at the silver sphere drifting through the moonlight.

Except me. I didn’t have time to worry about an unidentified spacecraft. I was more concerned with the voice inside my head.

“Come with us,” the strange voice echoed through my thoughts. “We can show you the beauty of the galaxies… visit exciting new worlds.”

My hands felt clammy, despite the warm Florida breeze. “How am I hearing you right now?” I didn’t have to speak aloud. I simply thought the words, and they understood.

“You’re very special,” the voice said simply. “One in a million. Your mind is able to hear our frequency, and your heart is… at rest.”

My eyebrow arched. Now this was getting interesting.

“We offer you exploration,” the voice went on. “In exchange for your secret.”

“My secret?” My mind questioned, genuinely confused.

“The answer to the meaning of life. The key to understanding the mysteries of the universe.” The voice said cooly. “You must know this, or you would not be at such peace.”

The voice was calm, as if it had reached a perfectly logical conclusion. My thoughts whirled. The unidentified sphere had appeared mere hours ago, but the voice spoke as if they had somehow examined the hearts of thousands.

“You don’t understand,” I interjected. “I don’t understand the mysteries of the universe. I’m simply at peace because I know One who does.”

“Come with us,” the voice grew more urgent. “Help us find this One.”

Hesitation gripped my heart. “What about my people? They need Him too.”

The voice did not hesitate. “They have others who can communicate with them. We have only you.”

In that moment, I knew they were right. And what I must do. The Savior once left His world for me… how could I do anything less?

As I walked slowly across the beach, I marveled at how small my world now seemed. How limited my perspective had been.

Breathing a prayer, I approached the gentle waves and held my arms wide in surrender.



14 thoughts on “Thursday 360 – “Ready”

      1. I thought perhaps instead of surrendering to the visitors, they would be told they can’t fly off to find the source of your peace; that He is in our hearts as soon as we believe, etc. but I understand that they were seeking a teacher of the word. It is a good story and made me think. Something I do way too much of!


          1. I’d love to try it. Did one challenge about a typewriter a few weeks ago, but nothing much has spoken to me lately. There is one up now I am thinking about tho.

            Liked by 1 person

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